Special Events/ Training

Dementia Friends Training      Dementia Friends training flyer

Do you know someone who has memory loss or a diagnosis of Dementia?  Do you want to become more knowledgeable about the disease?  We would like to extend a free 1 hour of virtual education about Dementia.  Please consider signing up to become a Dementia Friend!  This is an informal training that will help you gain a better understanding of Dementia.

 What Makes You a Dementia Friend?  You become a Dementia Friend by attending a one-hour informational session to learn the five key messages about dementia, what it’s like to live with the disease, and how to turn your understanding into action that supports people living with dementia.

 What Happens at the Information Session?

The one-hour session is a face-to-face discussion led by a Dementia Friends Champion; it’s not a formal training or education session. The session is informal and includes fun activities and interaction. You’ll learn what dementia is and tips for communicating with people who have dementia. Everyone who attends is asked to consider a practical action that can help someone in their community. The action can be big or as small — every action counts! 

If you would like to attend the virtual education session, please contact me to obtain the link to the VERY SIMPLE registration!  

The upcoming training options are Tuesday July 28th at 2pm or 7pm. 

The next training date option is Monday August 17th at 2pm or 7pm.






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